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I discovered some time ago that limitations may be a great stimulent to creativity.

Inspired by the limitations that platforms like Instagram offer, where videos can not last more than 60 seconds, I thought of creating ( musical ) themes that would last exactly that.

To finish giving shape to that idea and striving to implement coherence, structure and interest into those themes, in addition to that I imposed myself three rules. And within those three rules, absolute freedom ( style, instrumentation, etcétera ):

1º Every theme is to last exactly one minute, and that includes the fading of the last sound. Before and after that minute there will be absolute silence.

2º The structure of each theme is to advance growing, developing. During this, new ides and turns are to spring forth. I have to avoid “ A B A B “ formulas or refrains…

3º There has to be a start and a finish. An origin and a destination. A beginning and an end to the story.

I called the project “ MINUTE “ because, in English, apart from that, it may also mean “ Insignificant “. The main purpose and concept, to me, is to add the maximum musical content to something “ a priori “ so small and insignificant, such as a minute. To tell a great story in one single minute. For… many things may happen in a minute…

Music: Juan Ramos

Publication date: 2017