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Alfonsina Storni frente al mar
New album

A contemporary tribute to one of the most emblematic voices of Argentine poetry. This project is a delicate weaving of music and poetry, a collection of pieces that breathe new life into the immortal verses of Alfonsina Storni. With vocal interpretation by Carol Sospedra, each song is a bridge between eras, blending the emotionality of classical instrumentation with the avant-garde of electronic elements.

From the poetic resignation of "Voy a dormir" to the melancholic reflection in "Versos a la tristeza de Buenos Aires", and the intimate critique in "Hombre pequeñito", each track is a journey through the depths of the human soul, as Alfonsina perceived them. This album not only celebrates her legacy but also invites a new audience to discover her work through a modern and sonorous prism.

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You can listen to much more musical poetry on the website: janpoe.com

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