The machine in the botanical garden

Discover 'The Machine in the Botanical Garden', a unique sonic journey where the rawness of machines merges with traditional instruments such as string quartets, guitars, and orchestras, alongside sweet voices interpreting poems by legendary writers like the Brontë sisters, Emily Dickinson, Mary Shelley, and George Eliot. Additionally, this project now includes original songs that narrate stories within a magical botanical garden, inhabited by imaginary characters that come to life in this unique setting. Experience a musical fusion that combines the modern and the classic, the past and the present, into something unprecedented and exciting.

The Silent War

Single (May 2024)

The Secret Of Alba

Single (June 2024)

Bruno in the slow lane

Single (February 2024)

Echoes in the gear

Single (February 2024)


Single (March 2024)

The waltz of the crickets

Single (April 2024)

Within my garden, rides a bird

Album (March 2023)

The Machine in the Botanical Garden

Album (June 2023)

This shall be thy lullaby

Single (January 2024)

Samuel's odyssey

Single (January 2024)

See in Action

Discover now the magic behind the music with exclusive videos of 'The Machine in the Botanical Garden'. In this visual gallery, watch closely as Juan Ramos brings to life this unprecedented fusion, masterfully manipulating synthesizers and sequencers to create a harmonic dialogue between advanced electronics and the elegance of classical instruments.
Each video is a testament to innovation and art: notes flowing from machines and strings drawing melodies in the air, all captured in real-time. The scores unfold the classical compositions, allowing you to follow every bow and every electronic pulse, in a unique synesthetic experience. These captured moments not only reveal the meticulous creative process but also invite you to be part of the sonic narrative that Juan Ramos has conceived.
Hit play, immerse yourself, and observe how history and innovation intertwine in each composition of 'The Machine in the Botanical Garden'.

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